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The aim is to exchange news, information, experiences, tips and hints about the disease and its treatment. There is relatively little information on the web for patients who have both HIV and neuropathy, so maybe something you read here or on the website will help you live with the condition more comfortably. All constructive, helpful (or even downright funny... we all need a laugh!) comments are welcome.

and 'The Body' Blog: - It's 42 minutes long (I know, I's too short...)but from my experience, there is no better explanatory video concerning neuropathy. Grab a cup of coffee (or something healthier...or stronger), make yourself comfortable and listen to this guy - it's worth the effort. Yes, he's selling the services they offer but after 35 minutes, you can switch off if you're not interested in his clinic - the information before that is totally unbiased and valuable in itself.(For people with limited English; he speaks very clearly, simply and slowly - hopefully you will understand most of it) - Well known HIV resource website - general summary of the disease - an alternative look at the problem but not necessarily independent - more specifically related to HIV US Drug information site - another drug interaction site HIV-related information - general information about neuropathy - general information - a webpage giving statistical information for older hiv patients with neuropathy
 You Can Cope with Peripheral Neuropathy
By: Mims Cushing, Norman Latov, M.D.Publisher: Demos Medical Publishing
Published on: 03/14/2005
Print ISBN: 9781932603767
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